National Lipstick Day: 5 Lip Smacking Reviews 👄

Happy National Lipstick Day! This is the day to wear your favourite lippie and flaunt your pout! Here are 5 lipsmacking lipstick recommendations that are alive and well in The Boudoir!


Raspberry by GOSH

For red lipstick is has to be my matte ‘Raspberry’ lipstick by GOSH. with a blue undertone this brightens your teeth and therefore brightens your smile! This lipstick is long lasting and tough, making it through meals and leaving a stain by the end of the day.


Antique Rose by Diego Dalla Palma

This is a nude lipstick that has tones of pink and peach that goes on smoothly and lasts for ages considering that it is a cream lipstick! It is my nude Holy Grail 👑


Flynn by Tom Ford

Another nude lip that I adore is Flynn by Tom Ford. This is slightly lighter than Antique Rose and goes on just as smooth. I love to wear this creamy lipstick alone or mixed with a darker shade to create my own lippy colours!


Patina Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick by Stila

If you prefer to wear a liquid lipstick, Patina by Stila is a gorgeous, rose-taupe colour which can be worn in any season. This liquid lipstick doesn’t dry out my lips like a lot of liquid lipsticks do and it lasts throughout the day.


Oslo Essential Lip Gloss by Cargo

One of the brands not talked about much is Cargo. Their gorgeous lipgloss in Oslo is perfect if you just want a light lippy for the day or to pair with any shade lipstick.

This lip gloss isn’t sticky, lasts quite a long time for a lip gloss and I find it is very moisturizing for my lips.

So that’s it! That’s my 5 lip smacking reviews for National Lipstick Day! I hope you have a good one and don’t forget to work those lips! 👄



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