Summer Must Haves!

Every summer I have my special selection of must have products that get me through the ultra tropical heat of Cyprus which I am going to share with you. They are my tried and tested holy grails that suit me and my needs but I thought you could also benefit from seeing what works for me and maybe be introduced to new products you hadn’t heard about or were curious about. They will include perfumes and skin products and anything else I can remember to throw in so without further ado, let’s get started.



In the summer I mostly abandon my usual heavy or more floral and fruity scents. I am the kind of person who loves smells and I literally smell everything (lol). For me scents are attached to memories so this is how important perfume or fragrance is. Coconut and Vanilla are ALWAYS a favourite for the hot months though I do wear coconut and vanilla based fragrances all year round.


Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent

“A sensuous, sun-drenched blend of Bergamot, warm Amber, Tiare Flower and Vanilla combined with delicious creamy Coconut.

Amber. Coconut Milk. Sandalwood. Vanilla. Vetiver. Myrrh

Juicy Mandarin. Sicilian Bergamot. Lemon. Pulpy Orange

Tiare Flower. Jasmine. Magnolia Petals. Orange Flower Buds. Lavender”

This scent reminds me of beachy days, sea breezes, icecreams and sun creams. It is light yet potent and last for most of the day. Although it is sensuous there is also an innocence about it because it reminds me of when I was a little girl, slathered in sunscreen and digging in the sand on the beach.

One bottle lasts me around a summer and a half and even though the one I have currently is around a year old, it’s scent is still as fresh as the day I bought it.


Flower by Kenzo. Summer Fragrance

“Top notes are mandarin orange, litchi and ginger; middle notes are violet and freesia; base note is white musk.”

This is a really lovely floral and fruity scent which lasts all day. It’s perfect for summer nights and for days when you want to make a little bit more effort.


Sensual Eau de Toilette – Coconut by Yves Rocher

This has an almost creamy coconut scent which I use as a casual perfume. It doesn’t last too long on the skin but because it is quite cheap you can just keep spraying it through the day.


Eau des Vahinés Eau de toilette by Yves Rocher

“Let yourself be transported to a beach paradise surrounded by turquoise lagoons with the tropical scent of this sensual Eau de Toilette.

Like the caress of an exotic breeze, Tiare and Ylang-Ylang flowers are mixed together in a Vanilla base to warm your skin like the sun.

Olfactory family: Floral-Exotic-Sensual.”
-Yves Rocher

Oh! This is truly a magical and delicious scent that makes me feel so summery AND sexy! I highly recommend this to anyone who loves the Tiare flower scent. I use this day and night and it stays on the skin for a pretty long time.



You can read my my thoughts on some of the sunscreens I’ve reviewed by clicking HERE


Obagi Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 50

You can read my review by clicking the hyperlinked title above. It really is a great sunscreen for the whole year round especially under foundation!


Carroten Sun SensiCare Milk Spray Spf 50 for Sensitive Skin

Carroten is a Greek brand that has a carrot-based composition and it is very popular here in Cyprus. I use this sunscreen on any exposed skin before I go out the door and I wear it every day. As it is a lightweight consistency, I never feel sticky and feel confident that it is giving me the protection that I need. I buy mine from Beautyline, a Cypriot based beauty store at the reasonable price of €16,00 and that is for 200ml.

Here is what Beautyline has to say about this product:

Carroten Sun SensiCare Milk Spray Spf50 for Sensitive Skin provides high protection, broad-spectrum effectiveness, in-depth care and a cooling sensation that you can now spray on! Ôhe Carroten Sensicare option for those who fancy a hassle-free sunscreen application.

• Advanced IR PROTECTION+ (UVB+LONG UVA*) system, for broad protection against:

– Harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation, responsible for sunburn and premature skin ageing
– Infrared (ÉR) radiation, responsible for skin damages (dehydration, discomfort, wrinkles, blemishes)

• Revolutionary protection filters, with 3ple protection mechanism: reflection, absorption, scattering of UV radiation
• With soothing and caring agents (Allantoin, Glycerin, Bisabolol & Biosaccharide)
• Specially developed in order to minimize the risk of allergic reaction
• Cooling and lightweight formula that absorbs quickly
• Dermatologically tested
• Paraben free, perfume free, alcohol free
• Very water resistant


Body Oils/Creams


Yves Rocher Precious Dry Oil

This gorgeous dry oil from Yves Rocher is enriched with illuminating shimmery pigments and Tahiti Monoï and is from the same line as Eau des Vahinés Eau de toilette by Yves Rocher which I mentioned earlier. It really does smell like heaven and leaves the skin glowing! In the UK it retails at the very affordable price of £8.50 for a 100ml bottle.


Korres Coconut Sand Body Milk

I was looking on the Korres website for their description of this but unfortunately I couldn’t find it! I was able to find it on various other sites, though. I bought mine from my local pharmacy and it was the magical coconut scent that won me over. Although it is lightweight it is very creamy and hydrating to the skin and the scent stays for most of the day.


Korres Summer Wood Body Milk

This have a lovely fresh, beachy scent when I want a change from the coconut. It performs exactly the same as the coconut sand body milk and reminds me of the Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent fragrance wise.


M & S ESSENTIALS Cocoa & Shea Butter Hand & Body Lotion

I bought mine from the Marks & Spencers in Cyprus for a VERY reasonable price of €3.50 for a 300ml pump bottle.

This has a very creamy and heavy cocoa butter scent which is ideal for after being out in the sun. very hydrating and long lasting!


Lucy Bee Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

I use pure coconut oil for EVERYTHING including cooking! This stuff is liquid gold and I use it in my hair as a hair mask and all over my body to keep my skin soft and plump. I couldn’t recommend this product more and everyone should have a jar in their home.


Body Bronzers

Because I don’t lie out in the sun to tan, I rely heavily on body bronzers and self tanners to give me a nice colour during the summer. Here are my favourite products!


Scott Barnes Body Bling Original

You can find my review on the Scott Barnes Body Bling bronzer by clicking on the hyperlinked title above.


Fake Bake Tinted Body Glow

This has a lovely pina colada type scent which smells ever so slightly artificial but because of how well this products works in giving the skin a gorgeous bronzed glow, I can live with that! The only issues with this product that applying it alone really dries my skin out so I mix it with one of the body milks mentioned above and then its great! I order mind from Look Fantastic for £7.50 and this is for a 60ml tube which isn’t a lot considering you use it on large areas of the body. Still, it is affordable enough that it can be replaced without much damage to your purse.


St. Tropez Gradual Tan Classic Lotion

I prefer gradual self tanning lotions as the tan lasts longer and I like that you can just keep on applying each day to get a deeper tan. It has a pleasant scent with no hint of chemical fragrance whatsoever. This is really the only self tanning lotion I use and I began using it last summer and if I remember correctly, 3 bottles of 200mls carried me through but don’t forget that Cyprus has long summers which last around 6 months. I usually buy mine from Look Fantastic for £14.50.


Face Refreshers


Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner

I first bought this to use as a toner and I totally fell in love with it. I spray it on a cotton round and just inhale the gorgeous rose, geranium and lavender scent and then tone my face with it. I decided to use it as a hydrating mist during the hot summer and not only did it really freshen me up but the scent always made me feel happy.


Body Scrubs


Yes To Coconut Polishing Body Scrub

While the scent is slightly artificial smelling, it is not unpleasant and still offers a very coconut smell which lingers on the body long after you have finished your shower. The scrubbies are plentiful, ensuring a really good exfoliation of your body which is a must for glowing skin and also for getting rid of dead skin which can ruin the effect of an even self tan.


Something for the feet!

In the summer the sandals come out and this is when we notice just how rough the the skin has become on our feet. In the Cypriot climate, everyone seems to have an issue with hard skin build up as it is just so dry and the women here spend a lot of money on pedicures to ensure that their feet don’t look like they belong to a cave-woman. My feet specially give me a hard time even though I spend a lot of time and energy on keeping them smooth all year round.


Emjoi Micro Pedi Unit

One product I found that is effective is the Emjoi Micro Pedi Unit but note that it is not going to get the really hard skin off your feet because it is not powerful enough; it is more of a buffer which smoothes the skin.

So first I use a ‘foot grater’ (yes. I know how bad these are) because this is the only tool that is going to get rid of my hard skin and after using this I use my Emjoi and it smoothes and buffs the skin I’ve just ‘grated’ off. I bought mine on ebay a while ago but you can get them from Look Fantastic for £26.63.


Soap & Glory Heel Genius

In the past I’ve spent so much money on trying out different foot moisturizers that have promised to soften the skin and none of them have ever lived up to their claims until I tried the Soap & Glory Heel Genius! It is a really thick consistency with a peppermint scent which feels on my feet what fabric softener feels on my hands while doing the laundry! Boots pharmacy sells the 125ml tubes for £5.50 and this will last you quite some time as a little really goes a long way!

So that’s it! Here are all my recommendations for grooming during the hot months! Have an amazing summer and remember to ALWAYS wear sunscreen!



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