So I am not your usual beauty guru; in fact, I don’t consider myself to be a ‘guru’ at all; I just know some things. Although I am glamourous in my own way, I am not a size 10 picture-perfect model, not that there is anything wrong with size 10 women; they’re gorgeous ☺I am just trying to explain as honestly as I can about myself.

I trained as a beauty therapist and hairdresser a long time ago but I abandoned my trade when I realized that beauty treatments and makeup couldnt make people happy on the inside and it was helping people on the inside what I really wanted to do. And so I turned my focus to my other passion: spirituality. Through the years I have worked as a spiritual and metaphysical therapist and teacher but my love of makeup and skin care has never faded.

So in my 40th year I have decided to begin a blog where I combine spirituality and beauty together which are my two passions in life apart from my family. I hope that whatever I have to give can help others. This is not the only reason I started this website, though; most of the reviews on Youtube or online are by girls with young skin who are using products and techniques that a woman my age with my skin concerns simply cannot use! I noticed that there are very few women reviewing beauty products who are in my age group so I thought why not? Why not share what I have learned works for me and my skin issues? So this is the part that I tell you about my skin so that you know what I am working with when reviewing the products that I do 😜

I have combination skin whereby my forehead becomes like an oil slick by the end of the day. I have enlarged pores more or less everywhere on my face and have lost a bit of elasticity. I have a red birthmark around the base of my nose which requires a lot of concealer and this has to be set with a good powder because as soon as I blow my nose the red shows through.

So my eyes. Oh, my eyes! They are my biggest issue. Unfortunately I inherited brown under eye circles which need colour correcting fluid and concealer to hide them but the issue is now that I am 40, I have fine lines that everything just loves to settle into and the most lightest dusting of powder accentuates them like there is no tomorrow!

Ah, and I also have deep hooded eyes and high brow bones and I have natural, bushy eyebrows which I have to pluck to stop myself looking like a neanderthal lol

I also suffer from melasma which formed after my second pregnancy.  These are brown spots which increased over the years but which are now fading due to my using skin brighteners.

Apart from these things I have come to love my face even with its flaws but I am a firm believer that you have to work with what ya got! So this means making the most of your good bits and learning how to hide the bad bits. If you are like me or if you simply enjoy beauty as much as I do I would love to have you as a follower and if you would like, to share my posts with those you feel they can help.

I am sending you all my love,

Helen 🌹


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